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Resume Buku: Administration

Administration is the process by which decisions and policies are implemented. Public administration is concerned primarily with enforcing laws, making and enforcing rules and regulations, and carrying out public policy.  
Public can be contrasted with nonprofit, private, or business administration, with the latter concerned with such elements as sales, productivity, and profits. In government, administration is largely the function of the executive branch, although judicial and legislative administrations are also responsibilities of those two branches. Public administration is both an art and a science which aims at managing public affairs and carrying out assigned tasks. Major components of the field include organization, personnel, and finance. Public administration as an academic discipline aims at improving problem solving in these three areas.
The quality of life for millions of people within a modern state depends on the skill, efficiency, and dedication with which modern bureaucratic structures carry out their administration duties. As life become more complex, so do the operations of governments as they seek to cope with and manage diverse problems. As a result, new administrative organizations with large numbers of employees spending huge amounts of money have become an accepted way of life in industrialized countries. Administrative units increasingly make, administer, enforce, and adjudicate law. Administrative law that relates to regulating and promoting private enterprises has become the fastest growing type law. The view that administration is separate from policy making has been altered by actual performance wherein bureaucrats at all levels of government engage regularly in both activities. The ultimate goal of public administration, both in theory and in practice, is to develop sound techniques and procedures which make it possible to combine efficiency of operations with democratic responsibility and accountability.
Sumber: Chandler, Ralph C., Plano, Jack C. 1982. The Public Administration Dictionary. New York: John Wiley & Sons.  

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